Design of an iOS App to create Live Wallpaper for previewing user's schedule by 3D Touch



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Force Touch is a technology developed by Apple Inc. that enables trackpads and touchscreens to distinguish between different levels of force being applied to their surfaces.[^(“Force Touch,” 2017)]

3D Touch is the new technology that launched by Apple for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which could be used to sense how deeply user press the display. [^(“3D Touch - iOS - Apple Developer,” n.d.)]

From the developer guide, this feature are mainly used for:

  1. Quick Action
  2. Peek and pop
  3. Pressure Sensitivity


In this case, we will mainly discuss about the usage of Peek and Pop. Peek and Pop is mainly used for the user to preview the content on screen. This App’s purpose is to create a Live Photo[^(“Take and edit Live Photos,” n.d.)] used for the wallpaper. The Wallpaper contained two images layers. One is the wallpaper layer, another is the layer of information create by the user.

The users want to create a time schedule or other information images on their own then use this App to make it overlay on the original image. The user could preview the information layer by pressing the sensitive screen and peek the information there.


This application is mainly used for combining the two layer in to one live photo image.

First, the user are wanted to prepare two images on their own.

To compose two of the images, this application are wanted to get the access to the photo library.

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